Whether you're thinking about your own passing and the subsequent funeral service- trying to get some plans on a paper for your survivors to follow and adhere to-or else working to put together a funeral for a loved one, you may feel like there are many big decisions to make, and choices aplenty.

Of course, it's true that there are many choices. And while that may seem a little daunting and disorienting, it is ultimately a comfort: Today's funeral and memorial services are highly customizable based on an individual's preferences, beliefs, and needs. Whatever kind of service you wish to have, it can almost be arranged through the help of a skilled funeral director.

The venue, for example, can be highly variable. Though funeral homes still host the majority of memorials envies, there are also many people who choose to have funeral and memorials services in homes, churches or other places of worship, or even outdoors.

Music and multimedia are variables, Speaking with your funeral director, you can make arrangements for a local pianist, singing group, string quartet, or even a live band to provide an accompaniment that s either meditative or lively to the service; or, you can arrange for a full multimedia remembrance-video, pictures, slideshows, and beyond.

Many of today's funeral services are essentially all-day affairs- gatherings where family and friends arrive not just to mourn but then to linger and to spend time in fellowship together long after the service itself is over. This of course, attends a need for catering and perhaps also for music, both of which a funeral director can help arrange.

Different families express grief uniquely, and every person has varying wishes for their own remembrances. Thankfully, there are funeral arrangements to suit just about anyone and it is entirely possible to record any future wishes through a pre-arrangment conference.

Personalize a Memorial Service

A Memorial Service celebrates a life lived, and can take many forms. Whatever your wishes, our staff will be pleased to give you full details about our products and services, and help you make your decision.

Every funeral service should be a memorable, warm reflection of the person who has died. All of our services can be personalized to meet your family's needs or wishes. Every life is unique and we make sure each Memorial Service reflects that.

From the beginning of recorded history, societies have honored those who died with a ceremony. According to beliefs at that time, the purpose of the ritual was to send the deceased on his or her journey into the afterlife.

Today, however, many experts agree that the benefits of a service are for those who are left behind after a death. A "closure" of sorts must occur to help survivors adjust to their loss and recognize that a death has occurred. A funeral service provides the opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the life that was lived and allow the healing process to begin.

We honor all burial policies 100%. In other words, full credit will be given for your burial policy or life insurance policy from any other funeral home and there will be absolutely no reduction of burial policy benefits when applied to services and merchandise at Elmwood Memorial Park.
Funeral costs vary depending on the funeral home and type of service selected. There are two types of costs associated with a funeral: (1) services provided by the funeral home and (2) merchandise such as a casket or urn.
By making arrangements and funding your funeral in advance, you were able to express your own wishes and relieve this emotional and financial burden from your family. Usually, these arrangements can be reestablished with another funeral home and nearly all funding vehicles are transferable by the owner.
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